If you are searching for perfect fluffy down comforter, you can check 100% Cotton Pacific Coast Down Comforter because it feels very fluffy without being too warm. This comforter is ideal for those users who need less warmth at night for the year round use or for them who live in more temperate climate.

Pacific Coast Down Comforter

Its innovative design and great usability allow the down inside to loft while shifting or minimizing across the comforter at their bed. It is beautiful in design and has great breathability as well as it is light, cozy and great durability. However, it is friendly and it feels really very lightweight when you are under it at night.

The 100% Cotton Pacific Coast Down Comforter is 650 fill power down comforter, and it is totally leak proof and allergy free. So while sleeping, this great fluffy comforter removes the irritating feeling of having something heavy over your body. Moreover, though it is thinner than few other comforters, it can keep you super warm over all night.

Special Features of The Pacific Coast Down Comforter

Super 650 fill power and cozy:

This down comforter has a super fluffy 650 fill power and it a feel great power which means it has stronger and larger clusters that provide exceptional insulation, higher loft, and breathability. The more fill power of a comforter, the more it be fluffy and cozy. And considering with other comforters, this fill power rate is quite high and feels warm even on the coldest night.

100% Pure Egyptian Cotton:

It is made of 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton. When it comes to the term of the luxurious cotton sheet, it comes with the gold standard Egyptian Cotton. It is also called the perfect combination of luxury and comfort; it is Egyptian 100% pure cotton. Anyone who were already suffered from night sweats, they will surely appreciate the breathability of this remarkable Egyptian cotton.

Allergy Free Comforter:

This great Pacific Coast 100% Cotton Down Comforter is finely selected and sorted down from 650 Pyrenees Mountain region of France which means it is brilliantly selected from removing all dust and dirt. So it is very beneficial for allergy sufferer users as it is 100% allergen free. Further Egyptian cotton is usually longest fiber. So, it is ideal for making sheets that are simply softer and has long lasting than other ordinary cotton fiber.

Easy Cleaning and Durability:

The maintenance and cleaning process is very comfortable in this comforter. It only requires dry washing. This comforter uses to make longer staples. And longer staples indicate stronger and longer threads which are more durable fiber. Its tight weave fiber creates sheets that are designed to last for a long time.

Key Features of Pacific Coast Down Comforter

    • Have its own allergy free warranty
    • Pacific coast, Platinum European Down Comforter, for cozy hyper-clean
    • 100% Egyptian Cotton, made of pure cotton
    • 500 thread count, 650 fill power, larger and stronger
    • Made of barrier weave fabric, tightly woven
    • Includes 3-dimensional baffle design boxes
    • Removal of dust, dirt and allergens, hyper-clean
    • Has adequate 10 years limited warranty
    • Imported feathers, from Pyrenees Mountain Region of France
    • Over-sized dimension (24*16.7*8) inches, for more luxurious drape


  • Tightly woven and good finishing, so no leakage of down happens
  • Over-sized dimension, for more luxurious drape and comfort
  • Dirt, dust, and allergens are removed in, hyper clean comforter
  • Internal fabric wall allows the down clusters fully loft
  • It’s higher fill power makes the clusters more strong and lofty
  • It has more insulation and breath-ability, even in coldest nights
  • Low maintenance and easy care
  • May need a clean in every 3-5 years, which is manageable


  • Those who like some kind of fancy comforters may be not like this comforter as it is very simple and elegant in design.
  • It might take a trouble for cleaning it because of its big thick structure.
Some Basic Q-A:

Que: Is it a duck or goose?

Ans: Yes. It is made of goose down.

Que: What is the actual comforter dimensions?

Ans: It has over sized dimension. The king size dimension is 108’’*98’’

Que: Where is the father imported from?

Ans: The down feathers are from France as the description of manufacturers.

Que: Does the comforter make the bed too bulky?

Ans: No. It’s perfect. Nice and very comfy.

Que: Do the feathers usually come out of fabric?

Ans: No. Till now, not facing this problem of coming out fabrics.

Que: Does this comforter has corner loops used to keep it in place while using a duvet cover?

Ans: No. It does not have.

Que: What is the down weight for a king?

Ans: The weight is 650 fill for the king size comforter.

Final Thought

As a best seller, Pacific Coast has a good name for the best luxurious comfortable in the market. Meanwhile, 100% Cotton Pacific Coast Down Comforter grabs a large number of customer’s attention in a very short time. Its high durability and usability are one of the best reason behind their choice. This down comforter is made of 100% pure cotton and the cotton its use has no leakage after using for a very long time.

Covering it for the whole night, it will never give you a peculiar feeling because it is super lightweight and cozy. The down it used also entirely imported from France so that you cannot have to suffer from any allergy related problem or any dirt or dust while using it It can ensure the high breath-ability and higher loft excellent insulation. All in all, it has more luxurious drape and comfort than any other comforter in the market today. That’s why we recommend it and suggest to take a look at this excellent product.


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