Leesa Mattress Reviews & Buying Guide

Hybrid mattresses have to be among the best inventions of the 21st century. Take the Leesa mattress for instance. This is the kind of bedding that delivers not only comfort and therapeutic support but also amazing cooling to guarantee you do not sleep hot as is the case with ordinary mattresses.

Leesa Mattress Reviews

I probably didn’t know what my sleep was missing until I tried out the Leesa mattress and got to experience what a good night's sleep feels like honestly. It is like floating on a cloud and being cuddled gently all at the same time. I must say the therapeutic support is a welcome bonus. It is as if memory foam and Avena® foam were put together to come up with the world’s most excellent mattress.

How many times do you come across a mattress that offers it all and yet at an affordable price? If you are looking to buy the best mattress, this Leesa mattress reviews will help you to start off.

What Is The Leesa Bed?

The Leesa bed is a bed-in-a-box kind of brand. What this just means is that is come conveniently compressed and vacuum-sealed in a box. Yes, an ordinary heavy-duty cardboard box. After getting home and unwrapping the bed, the foam springs to its standard size working just like any other regular bed.

This kind of packaging is very convenient in that you can easily purchase a mattress online without having to worry about excessive shipping costs, as is usually the case when dealing with a heavy, bulky mattress. According to a Leesa mattress review on Reddit, this kind of packaging is also environmentally friendly cutting back on carbon emissions incurred when sipping a regular-sized bed.

Measurements & Dimensions of Leesa mattress

Name of the size

Size in Inches



39" X 75" X 10"

45 lbs

Twin XL

39" X 80" X 10"

48 lbs


53" X 75" X 10"

56 lbs


60" X 80" X 10"

71 lbs


76" X 80" X 10"

90 lbs

California King

72" X 84" X 10"

92 lbs

What is Leesa Mattress Made of?

The Leesa Mattress is referred to as a hybrid mattress because it incorporates 3 layers of different types of foam:

  • A Top Layer for Cooling Comfort.

This layer comprises 2 inches of the patented Avena® foam. This latex foam alternative sleeps and feels just like latex, only that Avena® foam is more durable. Due to the “inverted egg crate” design, this layer has impressive airflow responsible for the cooling comfort.

  • A Middle Layer for Support.

This layer comprises 2 inches of memory foam. It is vital for therapeutic support, deep compression support and pressure relief.

  • A Bottom Foundation Layer.

This layer comprises 6 inches of high-density support foam. It is also designed to be highly breathable thus contributing towards the overall cooling comfort of the mattress.

The Leesa mattress cover is also unique in its construction. Being cut from a single piece of fabric and woven together, this cover has a beautiful aesthetic design that is seamless. The classic look is then topped off with a minimalistic 4-bar design on the surface. The cover fabric is made of a blend of Lycra and polyester giving rise to the fabric that is durable yet stretchy, breathable and moisture wicking.

Products Description

Leesa Mattress

The 3 layers of different kinds of foam come together to adapt uniquely to your body weight as well as your sleeping style. The result is thus a 10” foam construction mattress that is adequately firm yet bouncy. At the same time, you get to enjoy contouring pressure relief combined with excellent support for your core.

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Normally, memory foam tends to sleep hot. When combined with the impressive breath-ability of Avena® foam though, the Leesa mattress delivers ultimate cooling to the user. The bottom layer further enhances the coolness of the mattress. This foundational layer is designed to be breathable thus allowing it to dissipate heat away from the memory foam.

Leesa Mattress

The Leesa mattress employs superior construction using high-quality materials to give balanced body contouring as well as uniform pressure relief. Just as well, there is minimal motion transfer meaning even when you are in bed with your partner; you will not necessarily feel the motion every time they turn or get out of bed.

On the other hand, however, many Leesa mattress reviews note that it does not perform too well with very overweight individuals. Tests have shown that weightier people tend to experience major sinking. Seeing, as the mattress is only 10” thick though with a firmness of about 6/10, this shortcoming is rather anticipated. It is worth mentioning though that even with the sinking; the mattress still upheld its structural integrity and did not collapse.

Leesa Mattress

Overall, though, the manufacturer, Leesa, offers a 100-night sleep trial. If after this period you are discontented with the purchase, you can return it for a full refund. This way anyone can test out the Leesa mattress first just to get a feel for it. Who knows, it just might be what you have been looking for.


  • Good motion isolation.
  • The mattress does not develop sinkholes.
  • Easy unpacking and setting up.
  • The cover design has impressive aesthetic appeal.
  • Very comfortable with a cooling effect.
  • It has a bit of bounce to it.
  • Has firmness and consistency ideal for those who sleep in multiple positions.
  • Being a factory-direct mattress, the price tag is very fair. Better yet, the price is reduced even further if you use a Leesa mattress coupon.
  • The company gives free shipping even if you buy the Leesa mattress on Amazon.
  • It has a 100-night in-home sleep trial period.
  • It has a standard 10-year warranty.


  • It does not offer sufficient support for very overweight people.
  • Though comfortable, it is not a plush mattress.

How Long Does A Leesa Mattress Need To Break In?

After unwrapping this bed-in-a-box mattress, you would need to give it about 4-8 hours for expansion, before sleeping or even sitting on it. According to several Leesa mattress reviews though, expect the mattress to reach its full expansion after several days.

As far as breaking the mattress in goes, give it time. There must be, after all, a good reason why the company provides a 100-night sleep trial but with a 30-day minimum. The layers of foam tend to soften with use, and as they soften, they offer better support and conformity to your body.

Normally, it could take up to 8 weeks for our bodies to adjust to the support of a new mattress. Keep in mind also that your previous mattress must have been gradually breaking down for years. Therefore, snuggle in and be patient.

Can You Wash Leesa Cover?

On the downside, the Leesa mattress cover is non-removable, and so you cannot take it off for washing. For this reason, you should opt to use a mattress cover or bed sheets to protect the cover from stains and dirt. If you happen to spill something on the cover though, several Leesa mattress reviews suggest that there is a way you can spot clean it.

Step 1: Take mild detergent, cool water, and a soft cloth.

Step 2: Blot out excess spillage from the area. Just blot. Do not rub or scrub.

Step 3: Apply some detergent to the clean damp cloth and blot the area while dabbing gently. Do not use too much water such that it soaks the mattress and once again, do not scrub or apply direct force. Mere gentle dubbing will do.

Step 4: Leave the mattress in an airy place allowing it to dry completely.

In Conclusion

Different users have different preferences as far as mattress comfort goes. As from the Leesa mattress reviews though, we can all agree that is a high-quality hybrid mattress employing high-end materials and excellent quality construction as well.

In this mattress, Avena® foam and memory form combine uniquely well to give rise to a reliable mattress that offers incredible cooling, balanced body contouring, and uniform pressure relief, topped up with minimal motion transfer for a peaceful, restful night’s sleep. What more could anyone possibly ask for?


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